Edit Store Meta


We've made it easy to add your online store meta info, so you can help your online store rank better in search results and help your SEO. Let's go through the process...


  1. Head to Builder > Designer > Store > Meta Info
  2. There you will see the ability to add meta info. 
  3. Click on Add New Meta Tag
  4. You will see 2 fields. The first is for the name, and second for the content. 
  5. In the name field, enter the word title, and then in the content field enter the content for the title you wish to use. This would create the title meta info for your store
  6. Click save. 
  7. You can then repeat this step for the description and keywords as well. 

Please note: product meta info is automatically populated from the information you add for the product. Please refer to this article for details. 


See images for steps mentioned above.

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