Getting Started Guide


Welcome to Wazala and congratulations on making the decision to sell online. We want to make sure you’re setup quickly so you can start selling right away and have a chance to really test Wazala.

Let’s get the ball rolling..

Adding Your Products

  1. Log-in to your Wazala account to get started.
  2. Click on MANAGER
  3. In the product tab click “Add your first product”
  4. In the form fill out the name of the product and description. Make sure to use search engine friendly terms here that you feel your customers will search for online.
  5. You can add keywords that describe the product and this will automatically create a related products section underneath every product to cross sell.
  6. Insert the product price and sale price if you’re running a special.
  7. State whether the product is shippable, so we can calculate shipping rates.
  8. Upload your product images. You can also re-arrange them by moving them sideways.
  9. If you’re selling digital goods, check “item is downloadable” and upload the digital files for this product.
  10. If you offer different sizes or colors, use the options feature to create these. First name your options like size, then add the multiple values like small, medium and large.
  11. If your product is in limited supply you can select to track inventory, which will prevent you from overselling. Note: our system will automatically show items as sold out once the inventory is depleted.
  12. Click save.

You can repeat the above or open a previous product and click duplicate to use the same options. 
Full documentation on adding products can be found here.

Shipping Options
If you don’t offer shipping you can skip this part, but if you do ship your products and want to charge for it, here is what you need to do.

  1. Head on over to Manager >> Shipping
  2. In the options area select if you allow your customers to “pick up the order” - if you wish to add tax to the shipping charges and if you wish to offer an expedited shipping option for an extra cost. In Express shipping you can edit the default description we provide to something you’re happy with.
  3. Next move on to Shipping Regions. Here you can add the countries you ship to. Wazala will not process an order to a country outside of your shipping regions. We already set you up with USA and international shipping, but you can delete one or both and add your own.
  4. Next move on to the shipping calculator. We offer different shipping calculators to choose from.
  5. Select a shipping method that you prefer and fill in the details. 
  6. Save.

Full documentation on shipping can be found here.

Setting Up Payments
Next you need to configure your payment options. This is how you will receive your money for orders made in your store.

  1. Head on over to Manager >> Payment
  2. Select the currency you wish to sell in. Please note different payment gateways work with different currencies and you will need to make sure your currency matches that of your payment gateway.
  3. Once you have the currency set click on merchant accounts.
  4. Merchants account take credit cards right within your own store / website / blog and Facebook page without directing the customer elsewhere to pay.
  5. Simply select one and enter the private keys they provide you and save.
  6. Next are the PayPal options. These are PayPal options that directs your customer to the PayPal website to pay. Notice how PayPal Standard is already configured. We’ve made it is easy for you to start accepting money right away using PayPal and your email. You can of course delete this payment option if you do not wish to use it.

Full documentation on payment can be found here.

Adding Your Store to Your Website
Now that your store is setup, it’s time to add it to your website. Every Wazala account comes with a free store URL. Yours is [[profileURL]]. You can also add Wazala to an existing website pretty easily. And we offer different ways to do so:

1. Custom Domain - This allows you to use your own custom domain name (example: or as your store URL instead of You will need your own domain name, and a host. 

Full documentation on custom domain mapping can be found here.

2. Store Widget - This allows you to use the Wazala widget and have your store be a part of your website. Many options are available here:

Use the Wazala designed red button and have Wazala pop over your site.
Use your own button and have Wazala pop over your site.
Embed Wazala into a page within your website and make it seem like your own.

Full documentation on adding a widget to your website can be found here.

Add Wazala To you Facebook page
You can add the store to your Facebook business page, and allow your fans to buy from you directly on Facebook. Can you say more “MORE ORDERS!”
Any change you make to your store is immediately done in your Facebook store, so you never have to update anything once you set this up!

Full documentation on adding your store to Facebook can be found here.

Go Live!
Now that you’re all set, you need to take your store live and out of demo mode. 

  1. Head on over to MANAGER>> SETTINGS
  2. Uncheck the “Put Store in Demo Mode” option. 
  3. Click save to go live!

Now that you have products in your store and added it to your site, you’re ready to sell!
We hope you found this helpful in getting started, but we understand every business may have specific needs, this is why our support staff is always available to help you out every step of the way. Simply fill out the form here to get in touch with us. 

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