Widget On None JavaScript Supported Sites


Even if your website or blog platform limits  or does not support JavaScript you still have options that will allow you to own a Wazala store and sell online.

Use the custom domain redirect to set a custom domain for your store URL.

This allows you to completely design YourStoreName.wazala.com and then use a custom domain mapping have it appear on Shop.YourDomain.com for example. This is not a widget experience, but an in website experience. Definitely better for SEO :)

Info on this found here.

Option 2:

If you can add an iframe HTML then you can simply embed Wazala store into a page. Simply add the attached HTML code found below in the web page HTML within a region that allows for the 931 pixel width. You also need to change the last 2 nicknames in the code, to your own store name.

This HTML code is a replacement to the JavaScript code found in the Get Widget tab within your Store Manager.

Option 3: 

Link to YourStoreName.wazala.com and use this particular page as your store. Make sure to link back to your website by creating links from Builder > Designer >  Pages > Links. This helps index your site for SEO purposes and allows your shop visitors to go back to your main website.

We are constantly trying to work with platforms, so if you are doubting your compatibility of your platform to Wazala simply ask support@wazala.com.

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