Uploading Backgrounds


If you want to use an image as a background to your store, first prepare your image file so that it is the correct size and format. We accept .jpeg .jpg and .png files. 

From the Home page go to Builder > Designer > Background

When uploading the image you have two options:

1. From your own computer - Browse through the images on your computer and select the file you'd like to upload. The maximum recommended dimensions for background images are 1680x1050 pixels. To replace your current background image, delete your current image and then choose the new image file as detailed above.

2. From Flickr - Search photos from Flickr with creative commons license.  Click on a picture to preview image results and Publish.

After uploading your image you can customize the background's design with the following options in the design panel: Position - allows you to position the image for optimum visual placement. 

Scale - Allows you to resize the image both horizontally and vertically

Tile - Select if you wish to tile your image

Scroll - Select from none, vertically, horizontally or both

3. Click the Publish button when you're ready to go live. 

Every option you choose will preview in the window so you can pick the best fit for your image.




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