Choosing & Editing Colors


The Color area allows you to edit the color of every aspect in your store. 

To edit Colors go to Builder > Designer > Design > Colors

On the left side of screen, you will see a list of options that control each element in your store. 


Store Background
Store Title 
Product Background
Product Drop Shadow
Product Info Background
Product Title 
Product Price
Product Description
Button Background
Button Background Hover
Button Text
Button Text Hover
Header Background
Footer Background
Footer Text Disabled
Footer Link
Footer Link Hover
Menu Background
Menu Link
Menu Link Hover
Page Background
Page Title 
Page Text
Page Link
Widget Button
Widget Button Text
Widget Button Hover
Widget Button Text Hover
Widget Background 
Widget Text

You can select each one and edit the color using a color wheel, or if you know the hex color code that you’d like to use for each of the above elements, you can manually enter it in the input field. 

You can also increase or decrease the transparency of each color you choose by dragging the transparency slider. Dragging down increases an object's transparency, while dragging up decreases transparency.


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