Choosing & Editing Product Info Pane


The Product Info Pane allows you to pick the layout that works best with your images. This allows you to dictate where you want the product title, description and price to be. 


To edit your Product Thumbnails go to Builder > Designer > Design > Product Info Pane


You are able to change the followings:

Info Pane Location First, you need to decide where is the best place to display the info Pane. There are 6 options to choose from: Bottom, Top, Below, Above, Hover Bottom and Hover Top.


Info Pane Size Secondly, you need to set a size for it:


Small - displays the product title and price 

Medium - displays the product title, price and first row in product description

Large - displays the product title, price and first two rows in product description

Full - displays the product title, price and product description covering the entire product image.


Once you find a layout you're comfortable with, hit the Publish button to save your changes. You can also preview your selection by clicking / hovering on the product in the preview window. 




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