Customizing Store Design


The Wazala Builder allows you to easily change the overall appearance of your store by editing your store's theme, layout, colors, and fonts. 

You can see a real-time preview of your changes, and manage your pages with a few clicks. Feel free to try new looks and new content, all without worrying about anyone else seeing it until you hit the Publish button. 

To begin customizing your store page, from the HOME page, go to Builder. You will notice four main sections



The very first step in creating a site is selecting a theme. Any theme you select can be used as is or can be edited to your liking. More about themes here.


Changing your page layout, colors, fonts has never been easier. You are able to change the followings:

Page Layout (Navigation, Pagination, Columns, Rows)

Product Thumbnails (Borders, Padding, Corners, Shape, Drop Shadows)

Product Info Pane (Location, Size)

Colors (Of every aspect of your store)

Fonts (Of all text used in the store)

Background (Position, Scale, Tile, Scroll)

Logo/Banner (Logo, Header Banner, Footer Banner, Favicon)


We recommend you go through the Store Designer support articles for more details, and if you don’t find your answer simply email

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