Choosing & Editing Page Layout


The Page Layout area allows you to edit your store’s number of columns and rows as well as the pagination. This allows you to be in control of the number of products you show per page and their size. 

To edit your Page Layout go to Builder > Designer > Page Layout

You are able to change the followings:


Navigation - Choose whether you wish to show a left, right or top navigation menu. 

Categories - Store - Cart - Favorites - Contact - Language

Top - Will display the navigation menu on top links to store pages 

Left - Creates a classic two-column layout with left side navigation

Right - Two column layout, navigation on the right

None - This option allows you to hid all navigation options



Pagination - Products Navigation can be set to Numbers, Dots, Squares or None. This is the tool the customer uses to go to the next page. 



Columns and Rows - Allows you to showcase your products in a grid. You can set up to 5 columns and an unlimited number of rows.

2013-10-04_1359.png                       2013-10-04_1401.png


Note: Make use of the right corner arrows 2013-10-04_1145.png to enlarge the preview window to fit your screen and preview your work.

The 'Preview' eyeball 2013-10-04_1640.png allows you to quickly visit to see your changes live. 

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