Choosing & Editing Themes


Wazala offers many themes that you can use for your online store. Every theme can be edited to your liking to reflect your own brand. Select any theme you feel is close enough and start your design journey. 


  1. From the HOME page, go to Builder > Themes
  2. Select the theme you would like to use for your store.
  3. Click the "Preview" button to see what your store would look like using that theme.
  4. Previewing it shows exactly how your store would appear in this new theme. If you like the theme you can Publish it. If you don't, you can Close and look through some of the other themes.
  5. Once a theme is selected, you can still customize it by going to the Designer tab where you can change it entirely and create your own theme. 
  6. Any edits you make to a theme will save your new theme changes in the "My Themes" area. So you can create themes for different marketing initiatives like Christmas, Cyber Monday, Mother's Day, etc. 

Remember nothing goes public until you hit the PUBLISH button. 


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