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The Wazala Facebook application allows you to add your Wazala online store to you Facebook business page and sell on Facebook to your fans. This is available to all Wazala accounts. 

To add the Wazala Facebook application follow these steps:

  1. From your Wazala Home page go to Builder > Widgets > Facebook
  2. Copy your unique key (you will need it later)
  3. Click on "Facebook Setup" link -
  4. You will be directed to Facebook, log into Facebook if you're not already
  5. Click on NEXT in the instructions pageScreen_Shot_2013-09-15_at_2.40.02_PM.png
  6. Facebook will have you choose the page you wish to add the store to. Screen_Shot_2013-09-15_at_2.41.26_PM.png
  7. After you select it click continue 
  8. You will land on your page. You will need to select the tab that has the Wazala store and insert your unique key. Screen_Shot_2013-09-15_at_2.37.56_PM.png
  9. Once you place your unique key and save your store will be published automatically and every change you make to your store is immediately effective in Facebook as well.

Download our full guide to selling on Facebook with step by step instructions on adding Wazala to Facebook and tips and tricks on everything Facebook. 

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