Custom Mobile Detection


We automatically detect users on IOS or Android and redirect them to the mobile interface if they happen to land on:

    2. Your own domain name where the Wazala widget using the unchanged Wazala red button is live.
    3. Your own domain with any type of Wazala widget if you have added the mobile detection code that is available below. 

So if you're using your own custom button in overlay or embedding the widget, you need to add a simple line to your Wazala widget code that will detect a mobile browsing and redirect to the Wazala mobile experience, Wazala Touch.
This will send your customers to to experience the mobile version. 

The line to add is:

store_widget_options.mobileRedirect = true;

This line needs to be added right before this line of code:
var store_widget = new WazalaWidget.widget(store_widget_options);

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