Upgrading / Downgrading Subscription


If your business is growing, your Wazala store can grow with it. We also understand you may not need all the options we offer, so you can also downgrade at anytime. 

  1. To upgrade or downgrade, from the Home page go to Account > Subscription
  2. Choose the plan you wish to change to.
  3. From here, choose your new billing cycle, confirm everything and Submit.
  4. Once your store account has been changed, you will receive an email confirming your changes.

You can always email support@wazala.com to confirm any changes to your account. 

 Please note: 

  1. Changing your subscription may change your billing date, and the amount you pay monthly or yearly.
  2. We do prorate on upgrades, so you never over pay. 
  3. Please read our terms and conditions for more info on payment, refunds, accounts, etc. This is always public and available here: http://www.wazala.com/terms/ 


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