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We understand that sometimes you wish to allow your customers to download digital products for free, though Wazala is not set to be a download service, and we've built it to allow you to sell your products, you can still give out a coupon code for 100% off, and this will allow your customers to download a free digital product.

Something to note here, 100% coupons will not deliver the download link immediately if this product is digital, but we will notify you so you would have to confirm the order and change the status from Pending to Shipped, and this will trigger the download email. 

You can include the coupon code in the product description to make sure it is seen.
More about coupon codes here.

 PS: there are many download services available online that you can add to your site to allow customers to download immediately. If you use services like DropBox or SoundCloud they allow for this. 

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