Resetting Download Link


When you sell digital downloads, we limit the number of times your customer downloads each file. This can be anywhere between 1-3 times. After that the link they have will no longer work. 

You can reset the link for each order, and allow a specific customer to download again within each order detail page. This is a good way to deal with failed downloads immediately, or offer your support if the customer lost the file.  


To rest the download link:

  • Go to Orders
  • Find that specific order and view details.
  • You will find a note stating the number of times this product has been downloaded. 
  • There you will find a reset link available specifically for this customer, click it to reset back to 0. 



Email your customer again

You have the option to email your customer again at this point. Simply click on EMAIL on the same page, and select "Buyer" and send the email to them again. This will resend the entire purchase order with the download links again. 


Please note:

  1. When resetting the download link. It will reset to the maximum number of allowed downloads you specify in Manager > Settings > Digital Downloads.
  2.  If the link has expired the reset download option will not work. Expiration of the download link is set by days. So if you have this set as 30 days, resetting the link will only work before the 30 days have past. You can in this case extend the expiration, but this will effect all your other purchases, both current and future. Expiration is available in Manager > Settings > Digital Downloads.
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