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Wazala offers many options for hosting digital files for sale. We believe no matter how large your files are, one of our plans will suit you. But if for some reason you wish to host these files on your own servers or third party servers you can. This may not be available in all plans.  

How to host on your own servers
In each product edit page, within the download section, you can either upload the files to our servers or state a link on your own servers, to allow your customers to download from. We will simply email a masked link once this product is purchased and paid for.

Things to be sure of when setting up:

Types of files supported
Wazala doesn't have any restriction on file types. But it is important that you input the correct file name in the second input field of the URL. 
For example, if the server url is then the second 
input field should contain the file name and the file should be name file1 as the URL states.
If the extension here is incorrect then users will download a file with a wrong
extension and they will not be able to open it.
Types of URL's
Must be a valid web URL:  http://  or https:// 
URLs like and 
are both valid.

Some questions you may have:

Does Wazala mask the URL?
Yes. The server URL is not visible to customers. Your customer will appear to download from our server though the file is downloading from your server via a server to server communication. 

Does the reset link button work when hosting files on my own server?
Yes, Wazala counts how many times a file has been downloaded even it is hosted elsewhere; you are able to reset it this link from the orders page.

Can the resend link button work when hosting files on my own server?
Yes, the resend email button will work and allows you to resend the email with the download links again to your customer.

Can these be single files and a bundle purchase?
You can add single files with different URL's. If you wish to allow for a bundle purchase you will need to zip the files of a bundle and state the URL of the bundle as a separate file. This option works well for CD's for example. You can state the URL for each song then state the bundle URL as the entire CD file.
Can I use third party services?
Yes you can! Most common and trusted are SoundCloud, DropBox, and Amazon. We recommend you read up on their own security levels as many differ.
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