Tax / VAT Options


To  include Tax / VAT to your orders follow these simple steps:

  • Log into your Wazala account
  • Go to Manager > Settings > Tax/Vat Rates to setup your taxes
  • Click Add region
  • State the country and if applicable the state or region within it and place the desired percentage of Tax / VAT to be calculated
  • Save

You can add multiple regions. Please note Tax / VAT is calculated based on address given by customer.  For example if you have set up Tax / VAT for the State of California and your customer places a California address then Tax / VAT is applied to the order.



Tax on Store Pickup 
If you would like to make sure you add Tax / VAT to your picked up orders read our help here

Tax included in product price
You can feature your products with Tax / VAT included and your customer will see a detailed total at checkout. More info on this here.

Tax shipping rates
If you would like to make sure Tax / VAT are calculated after shipping read our help here

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