Viewing Orders


You can view your orders anytime in an easy to use dashboard, change each order status, even communicate with customers about order updates.

From the Home page go to Orders

You will land on the NEW status of orders. This view shows you all NEW orders in your store.


Next are:

Shipped - Past orders that have already been processed and set to status shipped. This also include products that do not require any shipping like digital downloads.  

Pending - Any orders that have their status set to Pending. Wazala places any order that is pending payment to Pending status, you can use it for pending fulfillment as well. 

Filter - Allows you to filter your orders by:

Status: all, new, hold, shipped, canceled, pending, invalid, archived.

Date: allows you to filter orders from date X to date Y.

Export - This allows you to export orders by status and date. The Export file has all the details you need to fulfill orders or perform analytics and sales report. The file will be a .csv file, that can be opened on Excel on PC and Numbers on Mac. 



  1. You can edit any order to a different status: Shipped - Hold - Canceled - Pending - Invalid - Archived at anytime by changing its status.
    1. Simply select the order from the list.
    2. In the right view click on the "Status" drop down and change it.
    3. A history note will appear, you can add your own notes, and save. You can even email your customer this note. 
  2. Emailing customers an update on an order is easy within Wazala.
    1. Simply select the order from the list.
    2. In the right view click on the "Add Note" button.
    3. Type your note, and check "send a copy of note to customer".
    4. Click save. The customer will receive an email updating them with your note. 
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