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What Is the Wazala Social Promoter?

The Wazala Social Promoter recommends and publishes messages to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Let’s say you created a new coupon, Wazala will automatically recommend tweets and Facebook links that you can edit to your liking and simply push out to the social sphere. Your followers and others looking for such a promotion, will see this link and are automatically aware of your coupon and can visit your online store with a click.

How will it help?
Your followers expect to hear from you. Your competitors are ruthless in promoting their online store. You can never have too many new customers. You are too busy to keep up with the tedious marketing strategy. You need to spread the word about your online store. And mostly, it helps you brand and promote your offerings.

How do I turn it on?

  • From your Home page got to Promote > Accounts


  • Click on Configure for Facebook and Twitter to connect Wazala to your accounts. This access is secure, and we never use it without your permission.


  • Once this is configured, every time you offer something new in your store, such as adding a new product for example, you will notice a bubble, that recommends links for you to share.


  • Within this bubble you can do the following:
    1. Browse through different posts available for this action - You can pre-edit these and create your own. More info here
    2. Edit the post to your linking before promoting it
    3. Promote it immediately by clicking “Promote”
    4. Queue it if you want to promote it later (it will be saved for you), 
    5. Cancel it if you think this is not newsworthy enough
  • This link is published under your own social profile, so your own brand is promoting your own store.
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