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Wazala offers integration with various merchant accounts and payment gateways so you can accept credit cards and payment for your products with ease.

Below is a summary of these options and some background idea on how they operate. 


Merchant Accounts

If you are interested in providing a complete in widget checkout experience then you need to have a Merchant Account. The process for obtaining a merchant account is very simple and takes only a few days to verify your business and your banking relationships. The process is managed completely online. 

Merchant accounts provides you the ability to accept credit cards directly within Wazala, and this can be on your own website, or Facebook page. Hence the customer does not leave your website at all to complete the shopping transaction. This is a preferred method for sellers who want to keep the customer engaged on their own website.  

Wazala does not take any transaction fees not does it cost more to connect with a merchant account. Though merchant accounts tend to charge you a transaction fee and a monthly fee. The transaction fees are usually less with merchant accounts, so savings in the long run tend to be more than regular payment gateways. 

Available Merchant Accounts in Wazala. 

Stripe, and PayPal Pro


Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are payment processors that usually direct customers to another area or page to pay. They tend to be quick to create, and do not require days to approve or verify. They usually integrate very easily with shopping carts like Wazala and are considered basic starter ways to accept money. 

Wazala does not take any transaction fees not does it cost more to connect with a payment gateway account. Though payment gateway accounts tend to charge you a transaction fee and no monthly fee. 

Available Payment Gateways in Wazala. 

PayPal Standard, PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Advanced*

*Though PayPal Advanced is a payment gateway, they do allow for an website checkout and PayPal does have a lower monthly fee for it. 


We recommend visiting these solutions and reading up on their services, and more importantly if they are available in your country and currency before proceeding. Please read our currency info to make a better decision. 

If you're looking for technical information on integration then simply visit this page.





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