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To configure your PayPal Advanced to your Wazala store you need to make sure you have a valid and active PayPal Advanced account. If you do not have a PayPal Advanced Account click here to sign up for one today.



  • Log in to your PayPal Advanced Account from 
  • Select Service Settings
  • Click on Set Up under Hosted Checkout Pages
  • In the SetUp page please make sure of the following: (IMPORTANT)
  1. Your account is set up to LIVE. If this option is not available you probably did not activate your account and must finish your activation first. 1.png

  2. Under "Display options on payment page", enter your Wazala URL for the cancel and error URL fields. Make sure it is set to https and http.2.png
  3. Under Payment Confirmation set the "Show confirmation page" to be "On my website" and enter the following URL in the Return URL field.

  4. Under "Silent Post for Data Transfer" set "Use Silent Post" to "Yes", and for the "Silent Post URL" enter the following: - And for the "Return URL when Silent Post fails" enter your Wazala URL. Also make sure to check the "Void transaction when my server fails to receive data sent by the silent post." option. Screen_Shot_2013-09-29_at_5.36.44_PM.png
  5. Under "Security Options", set "Enable Secure Token" to "Yes" Screen_Shot_2013-09-29_at_5.39.24_PM.png
  6. Click on Save Changes. 



  • Go back to Service Settings, and under "Hosted Checkout Pages" select Customize. 
  • Select Layout C

  • In the preview window, click on the pen icon to edit the look of the layout. 5.png 

  • Edit the colors as you please and click on OK. 
  • Click on Save and Publish. 


Connect to Wazala

  • Login to Wazala and go to Manager > Payment
  • Select PayPal Advanced and fill in the below just like you entered them to login to
    • User
    • Vedor
    • Partner
    • Password
  • Click "Save"

You are now setup with PayPal Advanced as a payment option.

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