PayPal Standard


First you need to know that Wazala automatically configures the email address you give at sign up to a PayPal Payment Standard account. When you receive an order, PayPal will email you to set up an account and claim your money.

This can be changed anytime within the Payment Options tab under Manager > Payment.

To change the configuration of PayPal Payments Standard within your Wazala store you need to do the following:

First you need to have a Paypal Account. If you do not have a Paypal Account click here to signup for one today.

  • When logged into Wazala, go to ManagerPayment
  • Select PayPal Standard and fill in the e-mail field using your Paypal account e-mail.
  • Click "Save"

You are now setup with a PayPal Payments Standard as a payment option.

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