COD / Wire Transfer / Offline Payment


You can offer your customers to pay offline via a cash on delivery or wire transfer, or any offline method. 

  1. From your admin area go to ManagerPayment 
  2. Select Cash on Delivery / Wire Transfer and click on configure.
  3. Then click on Enable COD / Wire Transfer Payments
  4. You can state the label: This is what your customers see at checkout to pick from. It can be anything that you feel is understood, like COD, Pay Later, or Bill Me - It can also be Wire Transfer, Bank Transfer or any combination of the 2. 
  5. The instructions are there for you to also set out the correct instructions to your customer on how to pay you. They can include Bank information, or they can be simple instructions on paying cash on delivery or both. 
  6. Once you are done, click on save. Your customers now see this as an option and will see your instructions on payment at checkout and within the email they receive.

 Please note: Orders processed via an offline payment will be marked as pending status in your order dashboard, and you can change this status anytime. 

What if you have digital products that will be delivered by Wazala?

Wazala will not allow the digital files to be downloaded. Once you receive the money from your client and change the status of your order to new or shipped, Wazala will ask you if you wish to send the download link. This is found in each order detail page under orders. Simply try to change the status to New and Wazala will ask you if you wish to send the email, if you state yes we will then deliver. If you state no, we will hold it until you are sure. Simple!

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