Missing PayPal Order


If you're not seeing some orders in your Wazala order dashboard, but have received payments and order notifications from PayPal, it is most likely related to a setting in your PayPal account for Instant Payment Notification (IPN), or the PayPal IPN failed to send. 

To check this please follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to PayPal 
  2. Click on My Account > Profile > Selling Preferences > Instant Payment Notification Preferences
  3. Turn on the check box at the top of the page, under PayPal, Instant Payment Notification (IPN) 
  4. Click Edit Settings
  5. In the IPN URL box, enter this URL http://www.wazala.com/widget/paypal_ipn.php 
  6. Click on Save. A confirmation message should appear that states: You have successfully activated Instant Payment Notification:
  7. Confirm the above settings.
  8. Then once back on the Instant Payment Notification, you will see a link to your IPN history page. Click this. 
  9. In the IPN history page, you can see all sent IPN's. 
  10. Here you can select a failed IPN and resend it. This will automatically create the order in Wazala. 

NOTE: If you do not see Instant Payment Notification Preferences under the Selling Preferences in your PayPal account, double check if this is worded differently in your account as different PayPal regions have different wording. You also need to check if you have set up a personal account with PayPal as this option is not available in Personal and only available in PayPal Business accounts.


Other settings you may find useful in PayPal:

  1. Go to Profile
  2. Click on Selling Preferences > Website Payment Preferences. Click Edit.
  3. Change these settings as you please, below is our recommendations:
    1. Auto Return for Website Payments: ON 
    2. Return URL: YOUR WAZALA STORE URL http://yourstorename.wazala.com/ 
    3. Payment Data Transfer: OFF 
    4. Encrypted Website Payments: OFF 
    5. PayPal Account Optional: ON 
    6. Contact Telephone Number: OFF 
    7. Press Save.

If all of the above fails please email support@wazala.com for help. 

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