Custom Checkout Fields


Custom checkout fields, allow you to create a field at checkout or within the contact form, where you customer can leave you a specific note. 

Wazala already has a note section for your customer to leave a note, but you can create more and customize them to ask different questions. This can beneficial if you require extra information from your customer. For example: age, gender, etc.

  • To create custom checkout fields go to Manager > Settings > Custom Checkout Fields
  • Click to create your first field
  • State whether this is active (unchecking this will deactivate this field)
  • Give it a label. This is the title of the field. 
  • Give it a hint. This is what the customer will see typed into the box to help them answer it. 
  • Set maximum characters
  • Select the type. This can be any of the following
    • Text
    • Multiline
    • Phone
    • Email
  • Select the visibility. This can be visible in 
    • Checkout
    • Contact form
    • Both
  • Check whether this filed is required. Required fields will not allow a customer to move forward unless they type something. If this is an email for example, we make sure it is correctly formatted. 
  • Save


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