Customize Emails & Store Labels


These options are only available in some Wazala subscriptions. 

Customizing Emails:

You can customize the emails that your customers receives to include your own brand voice and messaging. The customization part is limited to the text that does not include order details that Wazala automatically populates with the email. 

  • This is available in Builder > Customize > Emails
  • Select the email you wish to customize from the email template list, and select the language for this template. 
  • Edit as you please and save. 


Customizing Store Labels:

You can customize your store labels and menu buttons in all languages. So if you wish to name the Cart a different word within the store, you can simply do that.

  • This is available in Builder > Customize > Store Labels
  • Select the section of the store you wish to customize 
  • Select the language
  • Edit the language of each or some of the labels
  • Save


Removing the “Store by Wazala” link from your store:

  • Go to Builder > Customize > Store Labels
  • Select “Miscellaneous” from the “Section” drop down list. 
  • Edit to replace it, or place a “space” to remove it entirely. 
  • Save
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