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To integrate your Wazala store to Google Analytics follow these steps. 

Please note, this is not included in all accounts.

  1. Log into your Wazala account
  2. Go to Manager > Settings > Analytics & Tracking > Google Analytics
  3. Enter your Google Analytics Account ID
  4. Save

As for setting up goals and funnels, below are the pages that will appear in your Google Analytics pages when users are browsing through your Wazala store. In Google Analytics you need to setup your goals with the following pages as steps to completing the goal. For more information on how to setup goals in Google Analytics please refer to the Google reference "How do I set up goals and funnels?" and our attached image below.

When adding goals in Google Analytics use the "URL Destination" goal type and select any of the following paths from you Google Analytics visited pages. If you have just setup your Google Analytics ID within Wazala, please use the Wazala store widget in demo mode once and complete a purchase transaction to hit the ecommerce pages, then allow a few hours for Google Analytics to report on your visited pages so you can select them and setup your goal.

In the Goal setup use head match and any of the following urls. See attached screen capture for more details.

On Multiple Domains

You can also set up different Google ID's for different domains and track on multiple domains. Simply add:

store_widget_options.googleAnalytics = 'google account id';

to your Wazala code, stating within it the different google analytics ID. This will automatically override the default Google Analytics ID you stated within Wazala.

Happy Analytics!


URL Destinations Available


eCommerce Funnel pages



/wazala/product/product name







Supplemental Pages




/wazala/pages/[custom page name]


Recommended Conversion Funnel


/wazala/product/product name





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