Adding Products


Wazala makes it easy to add products into your store. There are many options you can configure for your new product. Let's go over them now.

From the HOME page, go to Manager > Products.


The Products page gives you a simple view of all of your products. From there you can:

  • Add new products by clicking on the New button at the bottom right
  • Filter products by category name or products status
  • Import digital files you have in your Flickr or SoundCloud account
  • Reorder a product by clicking and dragging the three horizontal lines

Here are the fields in the edit section of the Products page.

Name   Enter the name of the product as you would like it displayed on your site. Please be conscious to SEO as this will be used to create meta info and a SEO friendly URL. The first 69 characters including spaces will be used as search engine title for the product.

Description  Write a well prepared and keyword specific, product description for each product. Use the editor area to describe the product to your store visitors. The first 156 characters including spaces will be used for the search engine meta description. 

Keywords Used to create related products, you can simply place keywords/tags to each product that are similar to another product. If items have similar keywords then they will show up as related products. The first 8 tags placed for any product, separated by commas will be used as meta keywords for this product. 

Price Enter the price for your product. You'll later choose a currency (Manager > Payment > Currency Options) and the price will be displayed using this. For sale prices, check the 'On sale' option and enter a sale price if you’re selling a product at a lower price than your usual price.

Taxable  If you want to use taxes then you must select this option! You can then choose what tax you want to use under Settings > Tax/VAT Rates. More info here.

Shippable Check this option if your products will be shipped to customer. Each product can also have a specific shipping calculation that can be different from any default fees that you set up in the Shipping page. Info on shipping found here

Category  You can place each product into one or more categories. All you need to do is put a check in each category that you would like to add the product to.

Images Showing images of your products is essential to selling them online. You can add up to 9 images to represent the product. To do this, click on the “Add” image icon and select the image from your computer.

Downloads Check this option if your product is downloadable (downloaded by customer) and start uploading digital content. More info on selling digital downloads can be found here.

Options These can be anything "optional" about your product, such as size or color. Click here for more info.

Inventory You set the level of stock and Wazala will keep track of inventory and publish the item with an "out of stock" remark, when all pieces have been sold. Additionally, you can set an alert that will email you when the inventory of an item reaches a certain level.

Coupons These are configured with a coupon code. Coupon codes are manually entered into your storefront by customers during the checkout process to receive the discount. It can be a single use coupon, meaning it can only be used once, or a multiple use coupon. You can also set the starting date and expiration date of this coupon.


When you finish adding your new product, click "Save" at the bottom to save the product. You will now see your new product under Products > All, as well as your storefront immediately if it is set to Active status. 










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