Optimal Size for Product Pictures


The optimum size for a picture is 690x450 pixels. Wazala automatically resizes this to different size like 800x420 pixels in the zoomed image and 230x150 pixels for the smaller product list image. Depending on the layout of your store, some images may be cropped. 

Images with a maximum dimension of 3000x3000 are processed correctly and resized to the different sizes used within Wazala. Uploading anything above this may cause problems. The maximum size should be 3000x3000, this means 4500x2000 will also work:

3000x3000 = 9.000.000
4500x2000 = 9.000.000 (width multiplied by height must be lower than 9.000.000)

To resize your images you can use any image editor tool you are familiar with.

If you have any issues uploading product images please email support@wazala.com with a sample image as an attachment requesting our support. 

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