Creating Options / Variations for Products


To set up different options within a product like size or color, follow the steps below:

  1. From the HOME page got to Manager
  2. Under Products, click on a product to edit or click on NEW to create a new product
  3. Scroll down to Options and check the "item has multiple options" box
Click on the blue “here”
 to add your first option
  5. Create your first option name.


This can be size, color, or any other option. You can create multiples of these.

Now you need to set up the value of each one

Select an option name and click on the blue “here” for the option value

  2. Create an options value, this can be Small, Medium or Large for Size as an example


You can even add an amount to the price if your customer selects it or have the image change to a different image within the images you already uploaded, or choose a different download file if it is a digital file. 


1. If you have a product that has an added value along with it, make sure to state the first product as the first option value, then add the product variation with the value.

Example: You sell a pillowcase set and you have an option for them to buy the pillows as well. You will need to place the main product first (pillowcase only) then the added options (pillow and pillowcase).

2. If you have several options in a product and customer can pick from multiples, you need to set up several of these and allow the customer to choose "No thanks" as an option to not add any option. 

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