Import Flickr Library as Products


You can import any digital files (photos) you have in your Flickr account into the Wazala store and offer them for sale as digital products as well.

From the HOME page go to Manager > Product > Import, you will find the Flickr option. A simple sign in to your Flickr account will ask you to authorize your account. This authorization will not allow Wazala to upload, edit or post photos and videos in your Flickr account, interact with other members' photos and videos (comment, add notes, favorite) or delete photos and videos from your Flickr account.

Once you do accept you are asked to select the sets you wish to import as categories or tags you wish to be imported. Select those and then decide on a default price for the import. This will set a price for all the products, you can change this later within each product edit page.

Once done click import and voila... Your Flickr library is now available for sale in your Wazala store.

If you do import one more time, please note that previously imported items will not be effected and will remain as is in Wazala until they are manually deleted from the Wazala back-end.

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