Link To Product With Coupon


If you're looking to give out a link to a specific product, and have a coupon code associated with it, so this link would discount the product according to the coupon you can create a link similar to this:


Here is what you need to do:

1. Create the coupon code

This can be a product specific, category specific or all product coupon. Just be careful if it is category specific and all product specific, your customer can add more products and they too will be discounted in the cart. 

2. Get the product URL

Product URL can be found by visiting your store then selecting the product from the store. The URL will be seen in the browser and it will look like this:

3. Create your link

Simply add ?coupon=couponcode to the end of the URL - Where couponcode = the code of the coupon you created. 

4. Test your link

Once you have a link like this one simply click on it and you will land on the product. Add the product to the cart and you will see the coupon code also included. If the coupon code is also added you're good to go. 




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